Senior Server Software Engineer
Russia, More than 17 years of experience
N/A €
Employment preferences
Full-time office
Full-time remote
Not ready to relocate
About myself:
System architect / Lead developer

I have 17 years of software development experience and worked both as a Server and Full stack developer and built multiple web applications.

- Backend: ASP.NET MVC and Web API, C# (.NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 2.2)
- Frontend: JQuery, Bootstrap(for legacy version), React and Material-ui
- Servers: Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets + Azure Load Balancer
- Cache: Redis + local in memory cache
- Queue: Azure Storage Queue
- Data Storage's: Azure Storage Blob, Azure SQL Server
- Monitoring & logging: Azure Application Insights
- Media services: Azure Media Services
- CDN: Azure CDN, maxCDN - CI: TFS, Octopus - Load testing: Gatling (cluster deployed at Azure VMs)
- UI testing: Selenium, JMeter
- ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Jquery, Angularjs, Knockoutjs, C#, SQL Server.