Game Designer
India, More than 8 years of experience
N/A €
Employment preferences
Full-time office
About myself:
I have been working as a Game Designer for over 8 years in the mobile game industry. Over this period I have developed and strengthened my expertise in various aspects of game design. In my current role, I work as the Lead Designer for an IP-based cooking game. I was entrusted with creating the entire vision for the game from the initial pitch to release. I ensure the vision is upheld and executed, by creating and maintaining documentation using Rational Game Design techniques, and communicating and collaborating with peers across multiple disciplines effectively. I also create detailed interactive UI mock-ups for the understanding of game flows and features. I create and maintain simulations on spreadsheets for economy balancing. I also mentor other game designers working on my team. In my previous project, I ran live-ops for the game. I designed content and levels, and balanced the game economy to improve KPIs. I started my career in game development team, I was responsible for developing several published casual games end to end. This has given me an understanding of the challenges of game development, and the nitty-gritty of how games are made.

Unity, UX &UI, Firebase, Google Suite.