Senior Software Engineer
Finland, More than 10 years of experience
N/A €
Employment preferences
Full-time office
Full-time remote
Not ready to relocate
About myself:
Full Stack Developer

I am a Senior Software Engineer. I have overall 10 years of work experience, working on different platforms.

JavaScript, Typescript. NodeJS, Postgres, Redis, GraphQL, AWS,MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

Technical skills:
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Cisco IOS, openVZ, RouterOS, MacOS, microC,AWS

Hardware skills:
PC assembly, PCB, Network devices, Network TCP/IP, routing, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP,DHCP, DNS,Qos, Traffic engineering, VPN tunnel, IPSec, GRE tunnel, EoIP tunnel, security, VoIP

Software development:
UML,C,C++,C#,.NET,Java,Matlab,R, SVN,Unit test,Visual Studio,Python

Web development:
HTML,CSS,Firebug,ImageMagick,HTML5,CSS3,Apache,IIS,ASP.Net,XML,XSLT Javascript,jQuery

MySQL,MS SQL server, postgreSQL, cassandra

Samba,openldap,dnsmasq,ssh,mosh,fabric,squid,dansguardian,openvpn,gdm,gconf,ftp,dnsmasq, ,dns, dhcp,syslog-ng,logwatch,logrotate,snmp,icinga,bw-monitor,bash,rsync,lvm,raid,hdd redundancy,NFS,nut, power backup,nmap, gcc,gnome desktop,pam,postfix,cryptography

Embebbed systems:
DSP, Assembly, 8bit CPU Programming,embedded C,Progammable Logic Device