Game Designer
Finland, More than 3 years of experience
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Employment preferences
Full-time office
Full-time remote
Content Designer/Community Manager/Educational Developer

About myself:
I am a Gaming Skills Educator and Specialist for parents and children alike. My focus has been into Game Design,Content reviewing and development of the App, Content Design, Story Boarding, Producing, troubleshooting, QA Testing and coaching of summer Game Camp student projects. So far, I have developed games with Unity, GameMaker. My coding experience is so far junior and limited to Java and C#. For 3d graphics pipeline, I prefer Blender, Maya, and Substance Painter. I can provide any company with benefits from my experience with projects, developers, communities, and games aimed at school and learning.

I would be interested in Game based Learning, Environment building, Epistemic Games, Curriculum Design, Educational Game Design., E-Learning projects. I am looking to get employed to project where I can use my developer and social skills.

Personal achievements and things you are proud of::
Writer for the nominated Top 100 Finnish Game project.

Curriculum Design, Epistemic games, Game Based Learning, Learning Environment building,Community building, Educational Game Design.