Programming Specialist
India, More than 13 years of experience
6000 €
Employment preferences
Full-time office
Full-time remote
Ready to relocate
Senior Lead Engineer/ Lead Software Engineer

About myself:
I am a Specialist with 13+ years of product & project work experience in analysis, design and development with skill set mainly comprising of C++, Linux/Unix. Individual contributor (in team) role into development teams mainly into gaming platform OS development. I would be interested in Gaming and Game Development projects.

Worked in following domains so far::
-Casino gaming (Slot machine OS/platform development).
-TCP-IP network monitoring and analysis (have understanding of few routing protocols & TCP-IP stack).
-Familiarity with Antivirus & security domain, Embedded Applications.

C++, Linux/Unix, Unity 3D, C#, Backend Development.

Personal achievements and things you are proud of:
Received Employee Spot Award for a project related to implementation of S2S protocol in Gaming system.

Additional Info:
More than 6 years of experience in next generation gaming Platform (OS) development. Implemented the gaming protocols SAS, G2S, S2S. Implemented gaming systems such as Ticket In-Out, EFT, Game Interfacing, Events handling etc.